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Shijiazhuang Xinji Machinery Technology Co., LTD

Shijiazhuang Xinji machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, design, manufacturing processing, sales as one of the large comprehensive enterprises. It is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province, backed by Beijing, Tianjin and Bohai Sea, with superior geographical location and developed transportation and logistics. Subordinate three branches, covering an area of 70,000 square meters, the number of employees: more than 200 people.

Metallurgical branch is a collection of special steel smelting, forging, vacuum heat treatment - based large companies; Annual production of special steel 3000 tons, with vacuum melting furnace, electroslag melting furnace, and other supporting equipment more than 30 sets.

Company is the earliest and most complete domestic have continuous extrusion industry of private enterprises, and build factories in more than 20 years has developed into the nation's largest continuous extrusion kingdom of spare parts, spare parts for all kinds of machines for processing at home and abroad, with large CNC machining center and nc machine more than 80 sets, and other processing equipment such as CNC boring machine, milling machine, lathe, such as hundreds of units, Can complete the continuous extrusion industry required by a variety of processing needs.

  • 35000

    Company floor area

  • 20+

    Years of plant construction

  • 3000T

    Production of special steel

  • 200+

    The worker number

The company's main products are continuous extrusion machine supporting core parts and auxiliary parts, can complete the copper and aluminum continuous extrusion equipment required by various supporting parts and mold production and supply, has a continuous extrusion industry complete industry. Products include: various specifications of extrusion machine spindle, boot seat, extrusion wheel, cavity, die blank, wearing parts, mainly with Dalian Kangfeng, Changzhou Qifeng, Changzhou Aibang, Changzhou Riyue, Shanghai Deli and other manufacturers supporting.

At present, the continuous extrusion copper alloy plug independently researched and developed by the company has brought revolutionary change to the continuous extrusion copper industry, and has been vigorously promoted in the sliding line production industry of high-speed railway in China. In addition, our company has developed a special die cavity, die and fixture cooling system for continuous extrusion micro-porous pipe, which can greatly reduce the extrusion temperature, thus extending the life of the die, ensuring the size of the product, surface finish and product performance.

Since its establishment, the company has been constantly pursuing high standards, high quality product awareness, with advanced manufacturing equipment and production technology won the trust and support of our customers. Has been the domestic extrusion machine industry supporting and services of the first choice.

Shijiazhuang Xinji Machinery Technology Co., LTD. Continuous extrusion equipment company specializing in the production of the most advanced copper and aluminum continuous extrusion machine, the company has the most professional technical team, technical personnel are from the earliest domestic use of extrusion machine and the earliest for extrusion machine supporting top talent, strength is very strong. Can complete the design and development, processing, debugging and so on a series of work, is the earliest domestic engaged in continuous extrusion industry of private enterprises, especially in recent years the development of special mould materials in China's high speed railway traction sliding online had a big breakthrough, second, the development of auto parallel flow pipe production line, its performance beyond the equipment level of the international counterparts, have good reputation in the domestic. At present mature products are copper continuous extrusion, high-speed railway trolley slide extrusion line. Refrigerator aluminum tube, automobile parallel flow flat tube production line, aluminum coated steel production line, OPGW coated line, etc. Spare parts include: Domestic and international various kinds of specification of extruding machine spindle, shoe, extrusion wheel, cavity, mold, parts, etc., as a successful people in xin ji derived from professional, integrity create the future business philosophy, continuous innovation, pioneering spirit, a good brand of continuous extrusion industry, we will with higher quality, more perfect service with all the friends both at home and abroad to join hands in development, create brilliant.

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